Recommended Good Practice For Governance of Regional Tourism Organisation

Local Government New Zealand and the Regional Tourism Organisations New Zealand have, with funding from the Minister of Tourism, begun a comprehensive response to the New Zealand Tourism Strategy 2010. Since the Strategy was released in May 2001, both organisations have been working on a series of projects to improve knowledge of the tourism industry within the local government sector.
Author: Local Government New Zealand

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2004 Guidelines RTOs Governance.pdf 549.03 KB
2004 1. Statement of Intent (pg. 111-112) Statement Of Intent.pdf 76.98 KB
2004 2. Service Agreement (pg. 113-115) Service Agreement.pdf 75.34 KB
2004 3. Board Performance Review (pg. 105-107) Board Performance Review.pdf 81.99 KB
2004 4. Performance Measures (pg. 92) Performance Measures.pdf 87.62 KB

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